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Training - Weeks 0 and 1!

The Team in Training Beginning Dopey training plan started 24 weeks out on Monday, 7/25/22. Since I haven't been doing too much regular training while rehabbing from a knee injury in May, I decided to do Week 1 twice. Each run in the plan accounts for a 5 minute walk warm-up, X-mile run, and 5 minute walk cool-down on 4 (eventually 5) days a week. There are two days of strength activities (with a separate walk warmup), and one day of rest. A typical week looks like this:

  1. Monday - Short run

  2. Tuesday - Strength (and eventually another short run)

  3. Wednesday - Medium run

  4. Thursday - Rest

  5. Friday - Short run

  6. Saturday - Long run

  7. Sunday - Strength

Week 0 - I hadn't run on a work day since early June, so all I wanted to do on Wednesday by lunch was take a nap! I also didn't quite read all the workout details at first and the kickoff Zoom wasn't until Thursday night, so I didn't know about the 10 minutes of dedicated walk. I intend to run/walk all my miles. My intervals vary depending on how I'm feeling, but these early runs are meant to be easy at a conversational pace, so I'm not pushing it. This is literally a marathon, not a sprint!

Week 0: Run 11.01 miles + Walk .6 miles = 11.61 total miles

Week 1 - I felt pretty good this week, recovered from getting my body back in the slow swing of things. On Tuesdays and Fridays we take the dogs to Day Play, so it's easy to get a walk/strength workout in Tuesday morning and a short run in on Friday morning. Wednesday morning, though! Eesh! It was hard running 53 minutes before a full work day! It's not just the run that takes time. The pre-run knee physical therapy, the post-run humidity cool down, the shower, and the stretching that really adds to the time!

Saturday's long run was interesting. As Sam and I were getting ready to go to the park, Oreo brought us a Cherry Plum pit she dug out of the office trash can. I wasn't sure if she ate any others, so I took a picture of what I had left an emailed the vet. We went to the park and started our (very different paced) runs. I got a call a half mile in that the vet wanted us to drop off Oreo to be checked. (Did YOU know fruit pits have cyanide in them? Cause I sure didn't!) So I found Sam, and we went home, picked her up, dropped her off, and went back to the park! I started from scratch and on my first lap, someone recognized my handmade "Training for Dopey" t-shirt and commented on it. The second lap, I had taken out one of my Team in Training business cards with my donation information and stopped to talk her about the event and the fundraising. Turns out, she has run over 100 marathons and has run at least 2 races in each state. Meanwhile, I'm over here with 42 states to go!

I'm super introverted like that. I wouldn't go up to a stranger and tell my story or ask for a donation, but I would quietly advertise it on my shirt and talk to anyone who initiates a conversation with me first! And I'd enjoy it, too - I just avoid making the first move!

All that to say - I do have Team in Training business cards! If you own a business and would like to display them, or if you'd like to have some in case the subject of "your crazy friend running 48.6 miles in 4 days and trying to raise $40,000" comes up at a dinner party, I'd be happy to provide you with some! Click Contact and send me an email!

Week 1: Run 11.21 miles + Walk .64 miles = 11.85 total miles

Cumulative: Run 22.22 miles + Walk 1.24 miles = 23.46 cumulative miles

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