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Training -- Week 22!

The things I do for Dopey… Tuesday afternoon I got my COVID booster and my first flu shot ever. My fear of needles was worse than my fear of the flu for my adult life, but my fear of getting sick just before Dopey outweighed them all! I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to recover, but did well overall.

Tuesday also brought me an early Christmas present. Although I'm running all four races, the official Dopey bib/medal was sold out. So I signed up for the virtual Dopey Challenge, too - even though I had a spot in each in-person run. Still, I was bummed I wasn't going to receive the Dopey medal after the marathon or have it for pictures. Well, the Mickey Magic came through and my virtual package arrived early! I cried opening it, and I will most likely cry when Dad gets to put it around my neck at the finish line, too.

If there were one thing I learned on my 20 mile run, it was that even if I made it 26.2 miles, my Garmin watch was likely not going to. The GPS had been struggling. It thought I went 21.5 miles when I know my run was 20.15. That throws pacing off, and it’s just too hard to do mental math to figure out pacing and timing. Plus, I started with a fully charged watch and ended with around 25% battery left. It’s power may not last a full marathon, especially starting a few hours after I stopped charging it. So I went deep into the Garmin website and picked out a new Forerunner 255s.

My watch arrived Friday, but I had moved my Friday run to Thursday since Friday was going to rain all day. Saturday was freezing. Literally. I was supposed to do 10-12, but I didn’t want to do any. But I did want to try my new watch I had spent hours setting up. So I layered up and managed a measly 2 miles. Usually on cold runs you warm up after a mile. But there was no warming up. My legs hurt, my face was numb, and I couldn’t feel my fingers. It was miserable, but I LOVED my watch, the data it provided during and after the run. Although I didn’t check it much under my layers of sleeves!

Sunday was Christmas. We didn’t exchange gifts this year, so there was nothing to wrap or open under the tree. Our gift is A. An expensive Disney trip next week, and B. Family. I cooked, we planned Disney logistics, and we took some pictures. A perfect Christmas if you ask me! One more taper week before it’s go time!

Week 22: Run 13.7 miles + Walk 0 miles = 13.7 total miles

Cumulative: Run 437.97 miles + Walk 23.89 miles = 461.86 cumulative miles

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