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Training - Week 8!

Thankfully this week was a drop-back recovery week! I had two easy runs of 3 and 2.5 miles earlier in the week, but I learned a lesson later in the week. I had a 50-minute walk on Friday and a 5.5 mile run on Saturday. I also had a super busy day at work on Friday, and I saved my walk for the end of the night. "It's just a walk!" I thought! So at 9:00 at night, I start a 50-minute walk, then eat dinner and go to bed.

The next morning at 8:00, my legs just did not want to get going. Our Team in Training group was at a new spot in Alpharetta, and I felt like I was with Luke on whatever planet he met Yoda on. The trail had tall trees and followed the flow of the Big Creek River. The sun was rising and fog was lifting from the water. There were tons of crickets and other chirpy noises. And every so often there were big concrete things (maybe water pumps) coming out of the ground. It was a lovely change of scenery though! And, it felt like fall weather. Still humid, but cooler, and with no direct sun. So I trudged along and finished. Not every run can be a winner, and I definitely learned my body needs a little more recovery time than 10 or so hours. My favorite part was having to stop for a deer to cross my path to join his two other deer friends on the other side. They're so cute.

I also spent this week planning out my scarecrow for my "Scarecrows on Main" display! Sam and I had bought the skeleton and other supplies earlier in the week, and Oreo wanted to make a new friend. Mocha wasn't so sure about it and ran away though! Of course, I had to make sure the clothes fit, and then we propped her up reading a running article about the "human race!" On Saturday, I made the shirt and the burlap sack face, and on Sunday morning, Dad came down to assemble it. We had such a fun time trying to figure out how to make this skeleton look like a runner, stay in that position, dress her, and stuff her! We install it on 9/29, and I'm crossing my fingers that the sand in Home Depot buckets makes her a free-standing Team In Training Scarecrow!

Sam and I also went to the Braves game, and our seats were in the very "summer" sun. Between the scarecrow building, the Braves walking, and the 3 hours roasting in the sun, I had no strength for my official strength workout! Again, I'm so thankful it was a recovery week!

Week 8: Run 11.29 miles + Walk 3.08 miles = 14.37 total miles

Cumulative: Run 131.8 miles + Walk 12.58 miles = 144.38 cumulative miles

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