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Training -- Week 19!

Over the summer, Sam and I planned a short cruise to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We picked this week because it was a recovery week, and because I’d be home for the Saturday Group Training Sessions before and after the trip. So on Monday we set out from Miami for a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. It was too crowded to run on the track, and I got plenty of steps exploring the boat on Monday.

You know you’re getting serious when the thing you’re most excited about on the boat is the running track! Unfortunately, Garmin doesn’t quite know how to adequately measure distance when you’re in the water. I thought I’d be safe running just after we docked on Tuesday, but the track said each lap was .166 miles and my Garmin said each lap was .12 miles. That makes quite a difference when you’ve run a mile but your watch thinks you’ve only run .75 miles! Still, it was nice to have a change of scenery and not have to duck around too many kids or partiers at the pool. But I also haven't run in full humidity in a while!

On Wednesday, Sam and I took a quick walk on water.

We got home on Friday afternoon, and I was able to get a decent 4.6 mile run in before picking up the dogs from boarding!

On Saturday, we had just 10 miles. Who am I using the word, “just,” as a qualifier before TEN miles?!? We were at a new location that I had never been to, and gosh was it hilly. They gave us maps for 8- or 12-mile courses, but I ran with Alicia who was familiar with the course so I wasn't relying on just a map. She runs a bit faster than me, so it was a hard run trying to keep up – both with the pace and with the hills. At 7 miles, I knew we’d be back to home base at 8 miles, and I told Coach Ed I was going to cut it short there. But we were at 8.25 miles when we got back to home base, and I begrudgingly moaned and set out for a less than a mile out and a less than a mile back! I passed the most interesting house I’ve ever seen in real life three times. Broken mirrors lined a pink fence around the front yard, and the yard was full of bird houses and garden trinkets. Like, so full of things that they likely never had to mow their grass. I can only imagine what the inside looks like! Anyway, it’s good to push a little sometimes, and also to know that I won’t see any of those type of hills on the Disney course!

Week 19: Run 16.77 miles + Walk 1.09 miles = 17.86 total miles

Cumulative: Run 345.35 miles + Walk 21.75 miles = 367.1 cumulative miles

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