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Training -- Week 17!

…And I woke up on Monday with a fever, sore throat, and cough. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me curse because I was so angry I was coming down with something. No run Monday, and although I felt a little better on Tuesday, I didn’t run either. Wednesday I felt so much worse. My throat was red and white, I couldn’t get my fever under control, and I was certain I had strep throat. I spent the afternoon at Urgent Care, but tested negative for Covid, Flu A, Flu B, and Strep. Still, they gave me antibiotics. I went for a walk on Thursday, but the cold air hurt my throat so bad. But by Thursday night, my fever had broken and I was finally feeling better.

Friday, I got out for a short 3 mile run just to see how my lungs did. They took a step back for sure, but not as much as when I had Covid.

Saturday I had 14 miles on the schedule, but it was 29 degrees in the morning, and I didn’t quite feel comfortable meeting my team and doing and out and back course with the cold air. I told myself I’d run when it got a little warmer in the day, and I’d do however many loops around the neighborhood until I got tired. My previous longest run ever was 13.54 miles during a Disney half marathon (so much extra steps weaving in and out of people, taking pictures, getting water, etc.). Given I still wasn’t feeling 100%, I didn’t really expect to get to 14. But off I went!

At loop 6, I had a neighbor I had seen for a few loops tell me I looked great and had a steady pace! At loop 9, my feet started feeling blistery. At loop 10, I had plumbers that were working at a neighbor’s front yard and had now seen me pass them 10 times say, “I’m glad you’re exercising so we don’t have to today!” At loop 11, I had another neighbor say, “Keep it up – you’re doing great!” My feet were hurting, but it gave me a good boost, and I told myself, “I can do hard things!” At mile 13.2, I felt a sharp pinch on my left heel, but there was no way I was calling it quits then. Somehow, coming off an illness, I made it to 14 miles by myself doing 1-mile loops in my neighborhood for three and a half hours!

I got inside and immediately laid on the floor with the bottom of my feet pointed up. I was afraid to take off my shoes, but I didn’t see any blood on my socks. I was afraid to take off my socks, too, but eventually, I did. I found one tiny blister on the inside of my left foot and some skin shedding on the outside of my right foot. But where I had the most pain on my heels, I didn’t see any blister. I think I stopped right before it got bad. I had intended to take a picture when I finished, but I was so focused on getting off my feet and laying down, all I captured was my Garmin record!

But I did it! My longest run ever!

Week 17: Run 17.11 miles + Walk 1.26 miles = 18.37 total miles

Cumulative: Run 298.08 miles + Walk 20.66 miles = 314.74 cumulative miles

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