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Training -- Week 16!

After Disney’s Wine and Dine weekend, I had a few extra days in Disney to enjoy the parks. With an annual pass, I didn’t feel pressured on the race days to spend hours and hours in the parks, but I knew I wanted to enjoy some time after the races were over. Week 16 was a Recovery week anyway, but instead of running 4 miles on Monday, I walked 6.8 miles around MGM – I mean, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Instead of a strength workout on Tuesday, I walked 9.6 miles around Hollywood Studios and Epcot. And instead of running 5.5 miles on Wednesday, I walked 6.4 miles around Animal Kingdom.

I was supposed to fly home early Thursday, but Hurricane Nicole had other plans. On Tuesday, the Orlando airport announced they’d be closing on Wednesday at 4 PM, so my flight was moved to Friday. I was (eventually) able to extend my hotel reservation a day, and I listened to the wind howl overnight and into the next morning. Never have I ever been in the eye of a hurricane, although I guess it was a tropical storm by this point. If there was a place to do it, it’s in a Disney hotel, but I hope to never do it again!

I intended to run on Friday when I got home in the early afternoon. However, my flight was delayed 6 times! It was 830 PM by the time I finally got home, so Friday was a bust, too. Had I known it was going to be delayed before I left the hotel, I could have run, but alas, I spent the day in the airport instead. I did get a nice upgrade though!

Saturday was a relatively easy 10 miles with the Team in Training crew. With barely 11 miles clocked on my Garmin this week, I felt behind. However, walking around the parks for hours and hours is still considered, “time on feet,” and it’s helpful, too!

Unfortunately, I went to bed Sunday night with a little tickle in my throat…

Week 16: Run 10.18 miles + Walk 0.66 miles = 10.84 total miles

Cumulative: Run 276.97 miles + Walk 19.4 miles = 296.37 cumulative miles

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