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Training -- Week 14!

I’m writing this from sunny Orlando as I’m here for Wine and Dine Weekend with a practice 5k, 10k, and half marathon this weekend! But, before we finish an exciting Week 15, let me catch up on last week, October 24th-30th!

Monday’s run was uneventful, which I’ll definitely take! Wednesday was a different story. I couldn’t seem to get myself out of bed and procrastinated until the last minute. When I finally did get out the door, I turned on my Garmin. I only had 6% battery left. Normally, I could go back inside, charge it for 15 or 20 minutes, and be fine to get through a 5-mile run. But I had my LAST left knee injection appointment later that morning, and I had timed my run to be finished with just enough time to shower and leave. So, instead I went with, “When it quits, I quit!” Well, it quit 1.62 miles later, and I walked the 5 or so minutes home! I was still sooo very happy to have my last knee shot complete, and hopefully it helps me get through the rest of the training.

Friday’s 6.8 miles was loops around the neighborhood. Less hills than the park, and with my mailbox nutrition and hydration trick. I thought I was going slow, but I was faster than the previous week by about 30 seconds a mile, and I didn’t feel that much more winded or tired. Maybe I went too fast, because Saturday was tough.

Saturday’s Group Training Session was at the Silver Comet Trail. I had never been there before, but I really liked it! Of course, since we’re Disney costume people and it was Halloween, we had to have a costume contest! I went as Luisa from Encanto, but the winner was Michael as a balloon lady! Coach Kim donned the Mike Wazowski costume for pictures, but obviously did not run in it!

The route was two 2 out and backs from our parking lot – left for a few miles and back to home base, then right to the trail for a few miles and back to home base. I had already learned not to run with the donkey on my shoulder, but when we got back to home base at 5 miles, I ditched the extra Luisa layers since it had warmed up a bit. The second out and back on the trail was hard.

My feet, specifically my heels, just started to hurt. My coach suggested being refit for running shoes. I was also genuinely hungry by mile 12, so I have to practice playing with my in-race nutrition. My peanut butter pretzel each mile wasn’t enough. But, I did it! Two long (for me) runs on back to back days. I took my first Epsom salt bath and that really did seem to help with recovery. I’m just trying to practice all the strategies and find out what works best for me!

On to Disney’s "22.4 miles in 3 days while waking up at 2:30 AM" practice!

Week 14: Run 28.5 miles + Walk 0 miles = 28.5 total miles

Cumulative: Run 240.47 miles + Walk 17.98 miles = 258.45 cumulative miles

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