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Scary the Scarecrow

We've never been super creative with naming things. We have Ghosty, the Halloween decoration; Snowy and Deery, the lighted Christmas decorations; Dory, the name on our garage door opener app. So, naturally, my scarecrow has been named Scary!

As it turns out, I’m so glad Dad and I built Scary a few weeks before she was due to be installed. She was supposed to be up by 9/30/22, and Sam and I were getting back from Chicago on 9/28/22. However, with the threat of Hurricane Ian remnants in the forecast for that weekend, Kennesaw postponed the deadline to 10/6/22. Thank goodness because I was sick on the 29th and tested positive for COVID on the 30th! However, by 10/5, I felt good enough to craft and spent nearly all day making this sign.

And, by 10/6, Sam felt okay enough to help me install Scary in downtown Kennesaw. We filled 4 buckets with sand and put her feet in two of them, a pole that went up her spine in the 3rd, and a sign in the 4th. She looked great!

A few days later, she started to lean, so we’ve been making almost daily trips to prop her back up. A string down one hand to attach to the bucket. Then a string down the other hand to attach it to the sign. Then a bungee cord to try to get her to lean back. Then a staple gun to get the twine to stay in place on the bucket. She’s seen better days, but she’s hanging in there!

Check her out on the Kennesaw Facebook page, and give her a like and a share!

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