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October Craft Sale

So, in each of the next three months, I'll be hand making a craft and selling it as a fundraiser.

For October, I'm making bat and pumpkin window cling decorations! They are perfect for any window or mirror in the house and are completely reusable. Let your kids decorate the refrigerator while you cook, or create a window or bathroom mirror scene for them to change whenever they feel like it! You can order the bat set or the pumpkin set for $25 each, or both sets for $40.

There are a few ways to pay:

  1. Donate directly at Dorothy's Team In Training "Dopey" Fundraiser ( and send me an email at to let me know what you're ordering.

  2. Email me at for Paypal or check options.

  3. Send me a Venmo with your request in the message.

If you're local to Atlanta, I'll deliver them! If not, I'll mail them to you. I'll start shipping orders the first week of October.

Happy Halloween, y'all! I hope you have a spooktacular and boo-tiful October!

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