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If I Only Had a Brain!

I feel like it's fitting that I, as a Dorothy, am learning how to build a scarecrow. If only I needed a lion and a tin man on a yellow brick road, too!

So my first official fundraising event is Kennesaw's Scarecrows on Main. For a small entry fee, I can place a scarecrow in downtown Kennesaw for the month of October. Last year, people voted on Facebook and first place won $100. I'm not sure if they're doing that this year, but even if not, adding some signage and marketing to direct folks walking around downtown to my website is bound to get a few donations!

Have I ever built a scarecrow? No.

Have I spent this weekend Youtubing and Googling, "How to Build a Freestanding Scarecrow?" Yes.

Do I have any clue what I'm doing? Absolutely not.

But am I learning? Yes!

Art was my least favorite subject in school, but here is my Paint sketch. I'm thinking of 3, maybe 4, buckets with rocks, sand, bricks, or concrete to hold it down, with the scarecrow's wooden frame in a running motion to get the weight distributed. Then dress it in old running clothes and shoes, a shirt I can make with my information and stuff it with hay. I'll have one hand holding a sign with my website and donation information, too. I bought a burlap sack I can stuff for its head, and I'll add a cap with some straw hair. Then I need to find a way to transport it to the site in my Toyota Corolla!

I'll keep you all posted if there's a Facebook vote in October, but for now - if anyone has ideas, send them my way! Have you ever built a scarecrow? Do you have engineering experience in keeping something like this standing for a month without falling over? Do you have any pointers or tips? Let me know in the comments!

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